finally an update !

OK, so I guess I haven't updated the old website for a while, but since Facebook seems to be the cool place where everyone hangs out, if you want weekly updates that is the place to be.

I will try to come over here to keep things up to date as of now, so here is the lattest:

We just played Buckfest last Saturday in Montreal, which was our first show of the year.

The next thing on the agenda is studio! We are finally going in to record a single with our old friend Alex Blain. This will be a "double or triple single", as we like to call it.

If you want to find out more, check in here or on our facebook page every week. We are going in at the end of the month and will post videos and other stuff for you.

Our next gig will be in May, details coming soon!

Cheers & thanks for the continued support!!


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